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The ‘Scotpen’ aluminium Mobile Sheep handling system consists of a galvanised mobile race with aluminium sides (no wood or marine ply) and chequered plate flooring.

The tow bar is raised to become a Guillotine Gate and the ‘Scotpen’ also includes a 3-way drafting race, independent suspension, road wheels, 50mm ball coupling and 12 x 2m aluminium gates and pins.

The ‘Scotpen’ also features two holders for spray cans on drawbar/guillotine gate.
Anti backing gate comes as standard.

The sheep can be drafted as they go past, or be allowed to run past and then drafted from the rear using a lever system allowing the sheep to run better and see them from the back making it easier to see any mark on their heads or rump.

Basic  system
Mobile race – Aluminium 14 feet trailer –  Supplied with 12 x 2 metre (6ft 6″) hurdles.
The maximum number of hurdles the trailer can carry is 44 x 2m (286ft of hurdles)
Sheeted Hurdle – Aluminium – 3 meters (9′ 9″)
Drenching Race – Aluminium – 10′ or 20′ with a 3ft gate at each end
U Frame – Aluminium – small 40cm – large 94cm
Sheeted Gate – Aluminium – Plus Frame – small 740mm or large 940mm, both with top latch
Forcing gate – Aluminium – 1500mm
Foot Bath – Aluminium – 4 meters
Sundry items
Pins – Aluminium or Stainless Steel
‘T’ Pins – Aluminium
½ Posts – Aluminium
Hinge Pins – Aluminium
2-way Joiner Aluminium
Static race – Aluminium – 4 meters
Static race – Aluminium – 5 meters
Static race – Aluminium – 6 meters