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The Scotpen

The  ‘Scotpen’ mobile sheep handling system is thoughtfully designed with some unique features and is  manufactured with care in lightweight aluminium.

Designed and built for ‘Scotpen Quality’ in preference to quantity, the bars and panels are specially designed for strength and durability.

Easily hitched to a tow-bar, the ‘Scotpen’ can be transported and safely maneuvered in yards or fields.

Designed with a single man operation in mind, the ‘Scotpen’ can be erected in less than twenty minutes.

With the front mounted jack in place, The ‘Scotpen’ is raised to give the wheels ground clearance. The wheel locking pins are removed and the wheels eased off the axle.

The jack is then lowered to rest the ‘Scotpen’ on the ground.

The Scotpen’ panels and gates are all 40″ high and stored in the centre of the race from where they
are easily removed for assembly.

The ‘Scotpen’ panels, gates and the gate frames are all available in three widths to enable the optional construction of spacious holding pens at the entrance, exit and sides of the race.

The ‘Scotpen’ gates and panels are manufactured from a simple molded design and are welded on both sides to

ensure strength.

All the panels and gates are of solid construction at the sheep’s eye view, to lessen their desire to escape; thus reducing stress for shepherds and sheep!

The ‘Scotpen’ is also easy to clean to maintain hygiene

When erecting this example, we had a few interruptions from our young assistants! They wanted to help but then…

…the boys decided to  demonstrate the strength and versatility of the Scotpen’s panels…

…and insisted on another photo of their Scotpen Panel ‘Bridge’ too!

Creating some light-hearted and amusing photos but we know they also prove a point!

The ‘Scot pen’ draw-bar is raised and then becomes the release gate, which is easily operated from either side at the front or back of the race.

The ‘A’ frame above the release gate on the ‘Scotpen’ is fitted with two holders for aerosol cans for marking the sheep, etc.

Two or more, ‘Scotpen’ panels can be erected and using varied gate and panel widths, will form a cone shaped shoot, to funnel the sheep with ease from the holding pen towards the race.

A unique ‘Scotpen’ feature is the Tip-up, one-way, height adjustable, half-gate at the entrance to the race, which prevents the sheep from backing out when they are in the race.

Other unique design features on the ‘Scotpen’ are the two internal drafting gates fitted in the race and very easily operated from the front or back of the race. They can be used to guide a single sheep forward or to keep them back.

One of the ‘Scotpen’ drafting gates can be also opened at the side of the race to separate the sheep and release them into a holding pen erected beside the race if necessary.

In no time at all the ‘Scotpen’ is ready for work and all you need are the sheep!

Remember that the ‘all metal’ ‘Scotpen’ can help you to keep your sheep scab free!

Once the job is done, just as easily the ‘Scotpen’ is packed away and moved on to the next task! Extra panels are available if required.
Delivery can be also arranged if required. For dimensions available please see the -next page.

For any more information or a demonstration – please Contact Us!

The ‘Scotpen’ was used as a holding and release pen for the sheep at the ISDS Centenery Sheep Dog Trial Championships held at Charterhall in the Scottish Borders in August 2006

*Stop Press! – The ‘Scotpen Static’ is now available for installation as a permanently fixed sheep handling system for farm yards or sheds. For further details – Please Contact Us!