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Mobile Sheep Crutching & Handling System


The PEAKHANDLER “PRO” provides an integrated mobile system which consists of a fully air operated PEAKHANDLER machine (including the air rotation function) mounted within a purpose-built covered low-set trailer. The unit is designed and constructed to facilitate high throughput with a minimum of labour requirement for setup and operation. It is most suitable for use in remote locations.


  • Horizontal drive Moffat-Virtue standard overhead shearing plant with flexible down tube mounted close to the colourbond rib profile steel roof, handpiece hook & tray are provided.
  • Power enters the trailer through a 15 amp weather-proof inlet, fully concealed wiring connects two fluorescent lights above the work area, two power outlets via an RCD circuit breakers and main switch.
  • Shade frames (4) hinge out and supported by gas struts, upholstered vinyl covering roll up for transport & tensioned with a cranked lever.
  • Built in weatherproof toolboxes (4) for safe stowage of equipment.
  • Checker plate floor, drop-down adjustable support legs, hinged tail gate.
  • Heavy duty 14″ light truck tyres, mounted spare & jockey wheel.
  • Weight of fully equipped unit approx. 1600 Kg.
  • Full VIN compliance with over-ride brakes clearance lights etc.


Included in the package is an adjustable width dual race 3.3 metres in length, forcing pen, 2.4 and 1.2 metre non-back leadup ramps and exit ramp plus two spare 3.3 metre panels. A 10 cfm air compressor with hoses and fittings is also included. If required, a 6 KVA 240 volt generator can also be provided as an option.


  • Two people can set up the system and operate within 20 minutes.
  • The trailer is positioned in a convenient location near or within portable or fixed yards, detached from the tow vehicle & level set & secured with drop down legs.
  • If the generator (when no mains power available) & compressor are carried on the tow vehicle this can be moved away from the working area and connected to the unit with the air hose and power lead.
  • The leadup system is set up and connects the yards to the trailer.
  • Trailer shades let out & rolled down, outlet ramp connected.
  • Handpiece set up & connected, power on, wool handling in place.
  • Sheep directed into leadup system & crutching can commence.
  • Sheep leave Peakhandler & trailer down the outlet ramp.


Professional operators have reported consistent tallies of 250 per run (2 hours) with over 1,000 sheep per day receiving a full crutch.

With a supply of sheep in the yards, two people can operate the system with extreme efficiency.

Other husbandry operations such as drenching can be performed by the assistant while the sheep are moving through the leadup system without reducing throughput.

Conventional crutching methods have become increasingly more difficult and expensive.
This system has created opportunities for establishment of new low cost contract businesses within the sheep and wool industries providing a cost effective service for graziers.