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The PEAKHANDLER is a multi-purpose machine developed for the easy restraint and handling of sheep. The machine has been designed and built for use by the grazier or contractor, it can be operated easily by an inexperienced person. The use of curved, tubular materials in contact areas plus the ability to regulate the pressure applied to the body of each sheep results in minimal stress and discomfort to the animals
during processing.


Most farm type air compressors will supply plenty of air to operate the PEAKHANDLER, 10 cfm is all that’s required. Maximum pressure need not exceed 90 psi, the required grabbing force on the sheep is adjusted by the operator’s setting on the air pressure regulator. The air powered rotation pressure can also be regulated as required.


The roll-over section of the PEAKHANDLER is air powered with the help of counter-balance of the weight of the sheep held in each of the two cradles, one is inverted, the other standing. During operation, no effort is required at all, just the flick of a handle using one hand.


The PEAKHANDLER is available with the recommended leadup ramp/race. The eight foot (2.4m) ramp has two small gates, one half way and one at the entrance which are held open by springs until a sheep moves past, the weight on the floor activates the gate to close, preventing the sheep from reversing. A complete leadup system can be supplied to help facilitate a smooth, easy flow of sheep to the machine.


The sheep waiting in the entry ramp enters the machine when the rear gate opens, it sees the sheep leaving the other end and is drawn in. It cannot walk through the machine because the exit gate is closed, when the sheep enters this area its weight depresses the floor which activates a valve, the rear gate is closed under pressure.


When the operator has completed the job on a sheep the grab actuating valve is flicked by the left thumb, the empty cradle instantly grabs the next sheep firmly around the body area. The rollover release handle is then pulled resulting in the sheep lying inverted, comfortable and fully restrained.


During the rollover cycle the previously restrained sheep is returned to its feet and released, it walks out the open exit gate. As it vacates the machine it releases a mechanism which automatically closes the exit gate. As the exit gate closes air is released from the entry gate and it opens allowing the next sheep to enter the machine. When this next sheep is within the machine its weight triggers an air valve which activates the air chamber on the rear gate, it closes behind the sheep.


With the sheep held inverted a full crutch can be performed without any back-bending at all. The head and tail rests raise each end of the sheep to allow easy wigging and crutching without obstruction. A flexible drive cable driving the handpiece is maneuverable and is the preferred equipment for crutching. Drenching, vaccinating wet and drying and teeth grinding can also be performed. High through-put and accurate results without stress can be achieve with ultra-sound scanning.


If foot treatment, paring or inspection is being performed, the PEAKHANDLER can be set to one of the lower height settings on the four supporting legs to allow the ideal position of the feet. Throughput can be very fast and freshly shorn sheep can be easily handled. Cradle attachments can be supplied for lambs and smaller sheep. Air operated foot parers are most suited, a full pressure quick coupling outlet is provided on the machine. When crutching, 2-3 sheep per minute can be processed by an experienced operator and helper. The handpiece is not turned off between sheep.


For back height of the sheep each cradle is vertically adjustable with a crank. Cradle length is telescopic, the head and tail rests as well as the near side of each cradle can be correctly set. For use with wethers the four grabbing pegs in the cradle can be extended and moved to suit the size of the sheep and to allow good access to the pizzle. Alternative convex grabs are also supplied which better suit ewe handling. The entry and exit gate positions are adjustable to suit length and standing position of sheep.


The PEAKHANDLER will fit in a 6’ x 4’ box trailer or can be easily loaded into a ute or tray back, 6″ rubber wheels are attached to one end with fold down handles at the other for easy movement on a firm surface. Operations can be carried out in the woolshed, in permanent or mobile yards in remote locations. Units can be set up on purpose built trailers ( 2 types) for larger or contract operations.


The risk of injuring sheep through breaking legs, bruising, crushing etc is eliminated with the use of the PEAKHANDLER. It is user-friendly and safe eliminating bending, dragging, lifting and pulling. The risk of being kicked or injured by an unrestrained animal is also eliminated.


No specially made parts are used, all are readily available, many are stocked by hardware stores. All components are durable and long wearing. The air system requires no lubrication, filtering or servicing. Daily lubrication of all moving parts with an oil pot is the only requirement. Storage under cover is desirable.