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This machine has many uses for husbandry and other operations. Sheep are gently immobilized and restrained, they can be inverted while at the same time transferred to and from the work area. Suitable for handling all sizes of grown sheep including rams for horn cutting, foot trimming drenching, back-lining, blood sampling, biological wool harvesting etc.


Two hydraulic motors each driving a flat belt which are angled toward each other forming the “V”. An adjustable width gap with no obstructions remains between the belts. Power to the motors is supplied by a hydraulic pump driven by either electric or petrol Honda motor through hydraulic hoses with quick release couplings. Direction, stop and start of the driven belts is controlled by a treadle bar which runs the full length of the machine, one each side. Two standard lengths are available, 1.2 metres and 3.5 metres in length. The short conveyors can be joined end to end to create a multi-stage split work line and is powered by one hydraulic unit. Each unit is fitted with small retractable wheels and handles at one end to allow easy movement over a firm surface by one person.


These mac hines can be operated in any location, they can be supplied permanently mounted on a purpose built trailer with a full leadup system or as stand alone units for use in sheds or yards. A 1.2metre non back ramp with adjustable height is supplied as a lead-in to the conveyor. A single or dual race leadup system is the preferred option to guide the sheep into the unit with minimum effort.


Sheep enter the machine in single file and are wedged between the moving belts. Depressing the treadle downward moves the belts and the sheep forward, lifting the treadle with your foot reverses the drive direction, the spring return central position is stop. By lifting the sheep under the neck while moving forward sheep can easily be rolled onto their back if require. Several sheep can be on the conveyor at one time. For drenching, back lining, horn trimming etc. the sheep can remain upright and pass slowly through the machine while being processed. The two removable panels can both socket along one side or one either side of the entry end or both removed completely depending on the operations being performed.


The belts require tensioning from time to time by a simple adjustment of the rollers at one end. The hydraulic oil reservoir has a level and temperature indicator should topping up be required. An oil filter cartridge can be replaced from outside the tank. Bearings are sealed and do not require servicing.