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Most functions of the unit are powered by compressed air, this can be sourced from a normal farm type 8 cfm compressor which will supply adequate volume and pressure. Ryco 2000 Series quick couplings are fitted as standard to attach to your air supply hose.


For the best performance, through-put, ease of operation and for the lowest possible stress on the sheep and the operators, lead-in ramps, with weight activated non-reversing gates, fitted with a self latching gate allowing sheep into the machine, are used and are supplied with the machine as a packaged unit. A well designed and functional leadup system is also required to supply sheep to the unit, with minimal stress. A dual race at least 3 metres long with a funnel and free-swinging gate down to the single width, is desirable. Curved panels may also assist in completing the leadup in some situations.


The belly-bar which supports the weight of the ewe across the flank area can be adjusted foreward and rearward to suit the size of the average sheep in the mob. The angles of the body supporting “V” base in the bottom of the machine are adjustable. Each leg restraint is also adjustable. The lift travel is also adjustable on the air chambers under the machine to obtain the optimum working height for the ewe to suit the operator.


When the exit gate is closed by a rope pulled by the operator, a sheep is allowed to enter the machine through the gate on the end of the lead-up ramp. The ramp gate in the open position completes the lane when the operators chair swings out, when closed this gate blocks the entry of the next sheep.

With the ewe in position over the lifting frame, the operator activates the lift air valve which gently raises the rear end of the ewe to the working height, the head clamping valve is also activated almost immediately the lift begins, this immobilizes the sheep by preventing the head moving. The third valve is then activated which engages the swing motion of the chair, positioning the operator immediately at the rear of the ewe, the chair mechanism is linked to the leg restraints which by this time have locked and restrained the rear legs.

The insemination operation can be quickly performed without undue stress on the ewe.
When the operation is complete, the chair is retracted the head restraint released and the ewe lowered allowing it to exit the machine through the gate, which automatically opened when the sheep was raised.

If the optional two or three way air operate drafting gates are linked to the exit end of the machine the sheep can be separated into their respective groups by the operator from the chair position.

The complete system is designed to remove as much hard work and stress from the process as possible.