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The SHEAR EZY is designed to enable the shearer, either experienced or a novice, to effectively and easily to shear sheep whilst in the upright, standing position and to contain the wool as a complete, intact fleece presented ready for classing. Good tallies can be achieved after mastering a technique. The machine can be set as a single stand or multiple units can be coupled together, they can be fixed to a trailer for use as a portable shearing shed. As a single unit it is portable and can easily be moved by two people to be set up in any location, typically in a wool shed, in machinery sheds or in the paddock.


An efficient leadup and race system is recommended for a smooth flow of sheep into the machine. A farm type air compressor which will deliver approx. 8 cfm at 100 psi is required to provide power to the machine. A conventional wide comb handpiece coupled to a flexible cable shaft can be driven by a conventional overhead plant mounted on the adjustable stand on the SHEAR EZY.


Individual sheep enter the elevated compartment through an inclined ramp. A decoy pen can be attached to the other end of the machine where a sheep can be placed to draw the following sheep into the machine. (this is not always necessary and takes up space) When multiple units are arranged in line, this decoy pen then becomes a bridge into the next machine.


When the operator requires a sheep for shearing a thumb controlled air valve is activated which clamps the body of a waiting sheep in the elevated compartment. A second valve is then used to transfer the sheep from the standing position to the back down totally inverted on the manipulating rollers.


While the transfer mechanism still has the sheep clamped and restrained in this inverted position, the rear feet are clamped to air operated padded clamps. At this time the front legs are also placed in special manipulating hooks. Another air valve is then actuated which applies regulated horizontal pressure, stretching the sheep across the rollers which support its weight, at the same time the transfer mechanism is released which retracts back to the elevated compartment. The automatic inlet gate allows another sheep into the empty compartment to await the above described process.


While the sheep is initially on its back the belly wool is removed, the neck is opened up, the crutch and inside the legs are cleaned up. Each main segment of the body is shorn by “long bows”, as each section is completed the sheep is rotated 60 degrees by the operator depressing a button air valve with his knee. The sheep rotates toward the operator as the wool falls away into the tray below which contains the whole fleece.


Tension is applied to stretch the skin of the sheep to allow for smoother blows and reduce second cuts. During the manipulation process the front end of the sheep’s body can be bent banana shaped toward the operator stretching the skin the full length of its side. Clamping action of the rollers tightens the skin around the belly area. Closing and spreading of the front legs allows access to the neck area. These are all air powered operations controlled by the shearer as required during each sequence of the process.


When a sheep is shorn is is released by the tilting of the rollers. Another air valve is triggered which ejects the fleece out the rear of the machine into a holding tray which is at knee height, no wool actually reaches the floor. Shearing of the next sheep can be performed before the previous fleece is removed from the tray.